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Team Medieval is official Latvian eSports Organization.
Our focus is set on experience, results and exposure.
We will further lift Latvian eSports profile!

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medieval dragon

[ #CSGO] Defeat
Great performance on T side, but unfortunately that was not enough to close the game.
de_dust 2 [14:16]
Well played @Team_Kuruma !
medieval dragon

[ #CSGO] ESEA League Match
Today we are facing @Team_Kuruma ESEA Open League.
Tune in at 22:00GMT
medieval dragon

[ #CSGO] Defeat
Unfortunately we fell to @teamAHG in @ESEA Open in yesterdays match on de_nuke [9:16].
Well played!
medieval dragon

[ #CSGO] Victory
After regrouping, our boys secured win against
@MadsportEsports Youngsters on de_dust 2 [16:1]
We are are back on track with 7-1

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Team Medieval
ESEA League
24/02/2020 20:00
Team Medieval
ESEA League
27/02/2020 20:00

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Content Creators
Mārcis Klaģis

A 20-year-old player from Vangaži, Latvia. Nopper has been in Latvian eSports scene for a long time and has gained valuable experience from previous teams and LAN tournaments.
Currently taking in-game leader`s position in our rooster.

Martins Gūtmanis

Martins is 17 years old and comes from Kuldīga, Latvia. His free time devotes to the game, to further improve himself. Feels comfortably on AWP and may take it as a main role in not-so distant future.

Mārtiņš Labrencis

Mārtiņš  is 17 years old player from Kandava, Latvia.

He has participated in many lan tournaments. Recently he placed 3rd in GOEXANIMO 2×2 Lan tournament.

Rojs Granīts

Coming from Ogre, hollow found CS Source way back in 2010 and his passion for the game has not dwindled since. Now, playing together with Team Medieval, he is moving towards a higher level and has the capabilities and will to do so.

Roberts Poļakovs

Roberts is 16 years old player from Iecava, Latvia.

Frip is a rising start in local competitive scene, he has participated in many lan tournaments.

Also he recently won GOEXANIMO 2×2 LAN tournament with his now teammate shadiy

Rihards Emīls Stūrmanis

Rihards is 22. years old player from Talsi, Latvia.

He is known in local gaming scene by his personality and his perfomances in competitive scenes.

He is partnered with

Who are we

Team Medieval is a premier Baltic esports organisation. Team Medieval currently owns CS:GO team with some of the top players in Latvia. Also Team Medieval is teaming up with some of the best Baltic boardcasters. Team Medieval mission is to entertain and excite fans in Baltics and across the globe.In 2020 we aim to consolidate a position among the Baltics elite organisations and help lead the transformation of esports in region. By becoming a beacon of change, we will make sure everyone will be able to see us. We are ambition; we are courage; we are endurance; we are Team Medieval! The organisation is based in the Lativa..


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